26.09.2014 – 21.04.2017

Sigmund was an artist-run non-commercial space located at Sigmundsgasse 15 in the 7th district of Vienna. It was a 120 m2 space in an old apartment building specifically repurposed for exhibitions and special events in 2014. Sigmund was organized by Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria and Franz Gebetsberger.

Sigmund was initially named after the street on which it was located. However, later embracing the inevitable connection with the founder of psychoanalysis, the therapeutic procedure of “free association” became the main curatorial strategy of the exhibition program.

All openings were staged as special events wherein informal social exchanges were always cultivated and encouraged. This social aspect became an indispensable part of the overall artistic experience. To this end, each event included a culinary menu offered free of charge.

Sigmund remained active until 2017.