Abriendo el sistema: Homenaje a Carlos Rojas

Museum of Modern Art
Bogota, CO

“Abriendo el Sistema: Homenaje a Carlos Rojas” is an exhibition delving into the legacy of artist Carlos Rojas and his influence on contemporary art, showcasing works by Alexandra Agudelo, Gabriel Gutiérrez, Mateo López, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, and Mónica de Rhodes. With a focus on the geometric and mystical facets of Rojas’ oeuvre, the exhibition offers insights into the groundbreaking contributions of this Modern master while exploring how present-day artists are furthering these explorations.

Carlos Rojas’ mystical insight and analytical creativity were innate from his early years. Raised in Facatativá and Albán, he observed nature, agriculture, and the rhythms of the sun, striving to grasp the geometric harmony connecting all elements of existence which he deemed crucial for unlocking the essence and subsequent transcendence of the human spirit.

The signs of Rojas’ envisioned future are now apparent: ecology spearheads pivotal changes, advancements in physics forge uncharted trajectories, and interconnected networks unveil the universe’s intricate nature. These unveiled horizons call for fresh perspectives that redefine outdated realities. This exhibition aspires to illuminate these abstract themes, echoing Carlos Rojas’ belief that art plays a central role in defining and shaping these concepts.