Beyond Black 

One Work Gallery
Vienna, AT

Artist Andrés Ramírez Gaviria presents ‘Beyond Black,’ an ongoing series that explores the boundaries of perception, delving into the complexities of the unseen.

Initiated in 2010, ‘Beyond Black’ invites viewers with its seemingly simplistic yet alluring shiny black surface, concealing a complex world—a nanoscale grid imperceptible to the naked eye. This amalgamation of apparent simplicity and underlying complexity is the basis of Gaviria’s exploration.

The artwork intertwines art and technology, reflecting on the contrasting twentieth-century conceptions of the techno-cultural image—a dialogue between reduction and formal complexity, often manifested in a grid.

‘Beyond Black’ provokes contemplation on non-representational objects, showcasing their elusiveness and seductive quality. It challenges conventional visibility, prompting introspection on hidden dimensions and the human tendency to project desires onto the unknown.