Historias abstractas

2023 - ongoing
Inkjet and Oil on Canvas
100 × 100 cm each

This series explores diverse narratives of 20th-century abstract art. Each painting serves as a visual representation of artworks from the past century, curated by friends or acquaintances of the artist. The compositions follow a grid system, based on the principles of the Polish-American System of Chronology.

Originally conceptualized by Polish educator Antoni Jażwiński in the 1820s, the system gained recognition through General Józef Bem in the 1830s and 1840s. It was later refined and popularized in the 1850s by American educator Elizabeth Palmer Peabody. The Polish-American System of Chronology uniquely translates historical events into colored shapes within a 900-square grid.

The grid spans a century, read from left to right, top to bottom. Each year is divided into a square, further subdivided into nine smaller squares representing different historical events. In “Historias abstractas,” the system has been adapted, with each painted square representing a work of art categorized by year and medium. Colors denote the birthplace of the respective artist.